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CIIP - Capital Investment Immigration Program

CSF - Cocoa Sustainable Fund


Cocoa production in Vanuatu commenced in the 1800s and export of cocoa products begun around the 1900s through the first traders of Vanuatu.

Today more than 25 percent of Vanuatu’s rural population depend on cocoa as a source of income. Cocoa is a crop that provides employment in some communities.

The Cocoa Sustainable Fund objective is to support the growth of the Vanuatu Cocoa Industry. The fund will focus on support strategy aligned with the Vanuatu Government National Cocoa Strategy and the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Program (PHARMA PLUS).

The key drivers for the Vanuatu Cocoa sector growth are improved and consistent quality and quantity of cocoa crops, resulting in higher prices with established buyers and access to new markets reliant on quality.


Access to finance for export is also an identified key growth driver. The Cocoa Sustainable Fund will include investment in these identified key market areas, to support the growth of the industry and drive jobs and revenue growth. With rising global  demand, international cocoa prices are forecast to increase over the long term, underpinning the improvement objectives of the sector and the focus of the Cocoa Sustainable Fund.


Investments from high net worth individuals in the Cocoa Sustainability Fund (CSF) will support farmers throughout the cocoa farming process, ensuring economic sustainability from start to finish, including the final stages of monetary exchange.


Key Objectives:

+ Support investment to enhance growth in the Vanuatu Cocoa sector through a well-established legal framework, institution, or industry body

+ Aid local farmers with the supply of cocoa seeds and cuttings to increase production

+ Boost economic activity by improving cocoa productivity and exploring new export markets


+ Facilitate processing with drying equipment and necessary machinery.


+ Enhance cocoa productivity and support new farmers

+ Generate more job opportunities to maximize output. Integrate cocoa products for further research, production, and marketing

+ Uphold the future sustainability of Vanuatu Cocoa for generations to come.

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